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Specs and Warranty Information



Frame Material: all tubes 4130 chrome moly steel.
Vehicle Weight: 50 lbs. This varies widely depending on tires, seating, and component choices
Wheelbase: 50 in.
Overall Length: 70 in.
Overall Width: 34 1/2 in.
Ground Clearance: 6 in. Knees, toes, and hands are all approximately this high
Overall Height: 28 in. to top of seat back
Brakes: all three wheels disk
Transmission: two Schlumpf Mountain Drives and an 8 speed derrailleur gives 24 widely spaced gears with no overlapping ratios ranging from 3.7 to 55 gear inches.
Turning Radius: 9 feet
Price: Call for current pricing

S+S Coupling: This amazing coupler allows the bike to be taken apart into two pieces for shipping. The coupler costs less than a one way truck ride across the country. Now we can use UPS or Fed Ex and fit the whole bike into three boxes.


Remember, it's not the number of gears that matters as much as the range of ratios. Our 24 speed transmission system offers a far wider spread than a regular mountain bike with 27 gears. The gearing can be easily changed up or down by changing sprocket sizes. The stock gearing gives a low of 3.7 gear inches (about 5 revolutions of the cranks for one revolution of the rear wheel) and a high of 55 inches, that's equivalent to the normal gear for a BMX bike.


20" BMX fronts, 24" BMX rear.


We can talk about gearing and tire options.


One-Off has the best warranty in the business. When you call with a question, you talk to me, and I know about each bike. If something happens to your bike, I want to know about it. A large manufacturer has to write their warranty so that it becomes effectively meaningless. A small company like us can offer personal attention to detail and instantaneous response, i.e., the best warranty there is.

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