one off hand cycle for impaired mountain bikers


The Big Question
How Do You Steer and Pedal at the Same Time?

One of the most important features of any human powered vehicle is the ability to crank hard and steer precisely at the same time. From the very beginning, one of our most important measures of performance has been the up-hill switchback turn. We want to be able to climb a mountain, with all its tight turns, without having to take a hand off the crank handles. It's easy to design a vehicle where you steer with one hand and crank with the other, but that's not good enough.

full mobility under harsh conditionsThe use of the handlebars is obvious and simple enough. That's where the brake levers are. For coasting downhill and for the most extreme steering maneuvers grab the handlebars just like the downhill racers. But speed and mobility come from maximizing the amount of time spent pedaling.

So the answer to the big question is: The sternum support (we like to call it the steering wheel) pivots side to side and is connected to the steering through a pair of cables. It works wonderfully. You have to try it to believe it! The round padded steering wheel rotates on its axis. The motion is smooth and intuitive. Rotate it to the side with your chest and you turn that direction. You automatically lean into a turn. For example, to turn right, you rotate the steering wheel to the right, which moves your weight towards the inside of the turn... perfect


    Meet the Four-Wheeler

We built just one four-wheeled One-Off Handcycle back in 2000, but boy, has it been popular. This model has traveled the world, tackling some of the highest peaks and roughest terrain.
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